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Aluminum Coated Steels

Aluminum Coated Steels

'Aludip BQXTM' is an aluminum-silicon coated steel with an additional protective organic coating, providing extra protection against the harshest of atmospheric corrosive conditions

Aluminum-Silicon Coated steels are used primarily in the lagging of pipes, but may also be used for ventilation ducting and building cladding

Aludip BQXTM offers a host of properties for performance critical applications such as: building, power generation, petrochemical and oil industries, and in marine environments. Typical applications include: offshore oilrigs and seashore terminals. AludipTM steels have been used by international companies such as BP, Exxon, Rasgas and Shell in major projects around the world, such as the Rihand Power Station in India, Castle Peak ‘B’ and Backpoint in Hong Kong, Rasgas Train 6 & 7 in Qatar and MNLG DUA plant in Malaysia.

Aludip BQXTM provides a low cost alternative to stainless steel and aluminum. It is safe to use with stainless steel and a greater mechanical strength than aluminum allowing lighter gauges to be used. Tata Steel International offers ' Aludip BQXTM ' products in a variety of colors and is non-combustible, zinc-free, heat and corrosion resistant. It has high-temperature, abrasion and sag resistance and higher strength and reflectivity.

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